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Takayama is very beautiful. My fathers are dead. That's not original. He's in the shower. I'm coming! I almost lose my life to save her, but she never admitted it. You have no reason to be afraid. I shouldn't have used the word "password" as my password. Just go back to where you came from. Hope quickly fades when you encounter a difficult situation and a pointless deadlock. You must be strong.

I voted for him.

Tatoeba: Where sentences are always sentences, except when they aren't. I never thought anything of it. There's obviously nobody here. Pay attention on the road. Will you leave this with me for a while? What is the name of the movie? When does the next bus leave? I thought you'd be busy.

They compensated for the loss. Niall said he didn't know what to think. Every day the girls used to walk to the village to look for work, after which they would give the money they found to their mother.

This is not spring. Casper never was optimistic. Clara doesn't know Thad's last name. I've baked a cake for you. I'm not surprised you didn't go there with Brodie. Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet. Call Curt and Herbert this evening. I'll come by car.

When I woke up, I was sad. When should I pick you up tomorrow? I do need you. He will wash dishes. Let's let them try that again. Jennie lives with Margaret in a small apartment near my house. Didn't you go to Boston for a week last summer? Merton signed a three-year contract. The police came as soon as they heard the gunfire.

They won't have arrived yet. Why do you despise people? She was wearing a negligee. Do come in. The medication should be administered topically. I've still got a lot of work to do. Happiness consists of good health. They lived in Norway for a while. Who have you helped recently? I want to better myself.

You've got to talk to him. Did the interview go well? Gregg was a shrewd businessman and his company went from strength to strength. I slept last night more than I usually do. Trevor is a billionaire, not a millionaire. How long do you think you'll be gone? Drink with me, Jennifer. They exchanged seats with each other. You've stayed away a long time. Don't you want to help?

I needn't have bought that suit for the wedding, because Frank's got a spare one in my size. At Easter, on April 21nd, Cabral reached Brazil. I know that I am a good teacher. It's still better than nothing. Second place is just the first loser. Are we doing this? This is an example of something silly. A silly example, we might say.

I need a hacksaw to finish this job. What should I have done? Sjaak is here with me. Why did you hit Samir?

Lukas asked me if I would mind helping him. Jane is fun to be with. Well, what was I supposed to say? It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining. Are you sure it's safe to eat this? His wife is a Frenchwoman. Don't try to blame this on him. Don't say anymore!

This is depressing. Changes have been made. Watch your language. I bet Morris will be late. I can look into this for you. Special forces are used for special purposes.

We really want to win. I thought you didn't care about money. I was expecting the worst. I'm dedicated. Her success really motivated me. Such is life.

Two Canadian sisters, Chloe Dufour-Lapointe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe won the gold and silver in the women's freestyle skiing moguls. Clyde really makes me angry. This time you should do it by yourself. I can't believe Seth made such a stupid mistake. You're embarrassing yourselves. Do you like English? What else is there? Maybe Dennis was just trying to help you. The chemical ingredients cause the mouth to dry up.

If only I had taken your advice. There is no one reading in the library. Dan and Linda reconciled. Prophesy to the wind, to the wind only for only the wind will listen. Tahsin was going to sign it, but decided not to.

I translate, therefore I am.

Charles says he doesn't know anybody here. It's OK with me if it's OK with you. Dieter didn't have any of the details. Please call me as soon as you know anything about King's condition. I'm pretty sure Hurf doesn't know what he's doing. Do you still need to be taking this medicine? Let me say goodbye to him. Lievaart said you could work here.

I swear I never hurt Miriamne. He said he regretted what had happened. She didn't turn up after all. I believe in Buddha. You weren't supposed to come today.